Universal all-rounder for cranes and systems

The SR wheel block programme is used in crane, trolley and systems building as well as in custom applications and special constructions. The SR wheel block comes in six different sizes for wheel loads from 5,000 kg to 30,000 kg.
Thanks to various mounting possibilities, the wheel block can be used universally and flexibly. Various custom versions are available for use under exceptional conditions. Optional guide rollers or a derailment protection device add to the safety of your system.

The SR wheel block programme is available in an explosion-proof version for zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

  • Six sizes for wheel loads from 5,000 kg to 30,000 kg
  • Three standard configurations for connection to customer structures
  • Low-maintenance direct drive with two speeds
  • Strong, durable standard components
  • Maintenance-free anti-friction bearing
  • Optionally with frequency-controlled motors
  • Optional version with angle drive
  • Optionally in explosion-proof design according to ATEX and IECEx
  • Other versions on request 
  • SR wheel block system

    The SR wheel block comes in six different sizes for standard applications as well as custom solutions.

  • Portal crane with AS 7 wire rope hoists for construction of the Metro in Amsterdam

    The SR wheel block in use on a portal crane with an AS 7 wire rope hoist.

  • Wheel blocks as the basis for the crab of an AS 7 wire rope hoist

    The SR wheel block can be used to move almost everything that is heavy.

  • Diagram of a crane system with movable hoist

    Application example crane system

  • Diagram of a movable portal crane with suspended hoist

    Application example portal crane

  • Diagram of a movable lifting platform

    Application example lifting platform

  • Diagram of a movable rack robot

    Application example stacker crane

  • Diagram of a transport system with movable hoists

    Application example transport systems

  • Diagram of a folding roof that can be extended and retracted with the help of wheel blocks.

    Application example architectural application

  • Diagram of a movable conveyor system

    Application example conveyor system


  • Diagram SR wheel block – side and front view

    SR wheel block

    Side and front view

Type SR 125 SR 160 SR 200 SR 250 SR 315 SR 400
Wheel-⌀ [mm] 125 160 200 250 315 400
Max. wheel load [t] 5 7 10 16 22 30
L1 [mm] 273 345 408 437 500 658
L2 [mm] 100 125 125 160 160 200
L5 [mm] 135 172 189 208 230 322
h1 [mm] 165 190 235 295 350 440
h6 [mm] 100 100 100 100 100 155
⌀ d4 [mm] 100 125 125 160 160 200
Rail width k [mm] 40, 50 40, 50, 60 40, 50, 60 40, 50, 60, 70 50, 60, 70, 80 60, 70, 80, 100


  • Technical representation of the SR wheel block. Side view and front view.

    Superior technology

    The SR wheel block programme boasts superior technology. The low-maintenance components of the modular wheel block are optimally matched to each other. They guarantee constant performance, long service life and high efficiency. The SR wheel block stands out for its simple, universal and flexible assembly.

  • Technical representation of the housing of the SR wheel block


    • High quality thanks to own, modern production
    • Dimensional accuracy thanks to five-sided enclosure
    • Graduated sizes for different wheel loads
    • Optionally with buffer
  • Technical representation of the wheel of the SR wheel block


    • Spheroidal graphite cast iron EN-GJS-700 (GGG70)
    • Flange-guided on both sides
    • Quiet run, reduced runway wear
    • Low wear and strong thanks to self-lubrication
    • Maintenance-free anti-friction bearing thanks to lifetime lubrication
  • Technical representation of the wheel of the SR wheel block

    Wheel change

    • Easy inspection of flange wear
    • Easy replacement of the wheel: after removing the buffer flange, the wheel can be pulled out from the front after pulling off the bearing and bearing flange.
  • Technical representation of the guide rollers and derailment protection device of the SR wheel block

    Guide rollers and derailment protection

    • Applications: for extra wide rails, to reduce travelling resistance, to reduce skewing forces, to minimise runway wear
    • Minimisation of cornering forces and wear
    • Wheel design without flange, the opposite side is equipped with a derailment protection device.
    • Larger rail widths possible
  • Technical representation of the travel drive of the SR wheel block


    • Pole-changing travel motors
    • Low-maintenance direct drive (vertical/horizontal) with torque support
    • Optionally single or centralised drive or without drive
    • Optionally with frequency-controlled motors
    • Space-saving angle drive

Options and features

Although it is already first-class in its standard design, you can make the wheel block even safer, more economical and more convenient with a range of mechanical, electrical and electronic options. They simultaneously improve performance, prolong service life and make it possible to adapt the wheel block individually to specific requirements.
Here are some of the options frequently used.

  • Standard travel drive with horizontal torque support at the wheel block

    Standard travel drive vertical/horizontal

    The travel drive is mounted to the wheel block ex works vertically with a torque support. The standard travel drive can optionally also be mounted to the wheel block horizontally with a torque support.

  • Vertical angle travel drive with vertical torque support at the wheel block and horizontal angle travel drive with side attachment of the torque support

    Angle travel drive vertical/horizontal

    The angle travel drive saves valuable space and guarantees optimal accessibility for maintenance work even in confined spaces. It is used, for example, in portal cranes or in storage technology when passing through recesses.

  • The steel structure is bolted on directly at the top of the wheel block.

    Head connection H

    The steel structure is bolted on directly at the top of the wheel block.

  • The wheel block is welded directly to the supporting structure without intermediate flange.

    Welded connection W

    The wheel block end is welded directly to the supporting structure without intermediate flange.

  • The wheel block is pushed in between two cheeks and fastened with bolts.

    Inserted connection I

    The wheel block is pushed in between two cheeks and fastened with bolts. Lateral fine adjustment and fastening by threaded pin and nut.



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